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Virtual Environments. Real Communities.

Our first virtual environment took the form of Sleuth, a detective mystery game that became the center for a large community of casual on-line game players.

On-line Game Market – A Wider View

2005 Revenue: $2 billion – $3.5 billion
Estimated 2009 $6 – $9 billion

Since it is a new and rapidly growing industry, the current size of the worldwide on-line gaming market is not precisely known. Industry reports estimate total revenue at somewhere between $2 and $3.5 billion. While there are several companies that generate more than $50 million per year from online games, these products tend fit into two categories:

  • Higher budget 3-D productions designed to appeal primarily to hard-core gamers.
  • Proprietary video game console system titles.

Casual On-line Gaming Market Segment

2005 Revenue: $300 million – $500 million
Estimated 2009 Revenue: $1.5 – $2 billion

The remaining segment of the on-line gaming industry is the formative market known as Casual Gaming. It currently accounts for somewhere between 6% and 16% of all worldwide on-line gaming revenue, but is projected to grow to 20% to 50% of all on-line gaming revenue by 2009. When com¬pared to higher budget 3-D Worlds, casual gaming products are notable for several characteristics:

  • A wide demographic appeal
  • Relatively low cost for consumers
  • Relatively low time commitment required from users
  • Relatively low hardware requirements for users
  • Users do not typically expect cutting edge design or technology in this market

Hypothetical Software’s Existing Customers

Hypothetical Software’s existing product, Sleuth, follows a model where users can play the game for free, but are required to pay a monthly subscription fee if they wish to access premium content. The Sleuth audience is geographically diverse, but is primarily located in English speaking countries. More than 90% are between the ages of 13 and 40 years. They overwhelmingly have access to broad¬band Internet connections. Most do not consider themselves hard-core gamers. In accordance with the subject matter of Sleuth, the majority regularly read mystery novels.

Current Financing Round

Hypothetical Software recently made the transition from part-time home business to small startup with a full-time staff. We are currently seeking a round of financing to grow our existing Sleuth franchise and expand into similar products.

To request a full business plan, or for more information regarding investment opportunities, please contact us at investors@hypoware.com