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Benjamin Ringold President and Technical Director Ben Ringold

Sunny Giron Business and Marketing Manager Sunny Giron

0 About Hypothetical Software

Our Mission

Virtual Environments. Real Communities.

Hypothetical Software develops and publishes Internet applications that bring users from a variety of backgrounds together in unique and satisfying virtual environments.

The online entertainment software market is growing beyond its traditional audience of hard-core gamers to a much broader one that encompasses people from many walks of life. Hypothetical Software serves this emerging audience with products that apply game-play mechanics to situations and venues that appeal to more than just teenaged boys and young men.

This promising market space is known as Casual On-line Gaming. It is notable for the lesser demands of entry it places on its customers, both in terms of lower prices, and by creating settings and communities that are less intimidating for first-time players. It is a relatively new, but rapidly growing segment of the wider Internet game market. While worldwide Internet gaming revenue now totals more than $3 billion a year, total sales of casual on-line games falls somewhere between 300 and 500 million dollars.

The advantages of working in this space are the combination of a rapidly growing audience with development and marketing costs that are much lower than those of traditional game software publishers.

Hypothetical Software is incorporated in Washington State.

Mentors and Advisors

Paul Mako, Technology and Management
President and CEO of RockyNet Inc. Paul brings over 12 years of technical networking experience and has positioned RockyNet as a leader among Internet Service Providers in Colorado .

Don Breit, Finance
Mr. Breit has been a shareholder and CFO of EnterSolve, Inc., a consulting services company. Over the past five years with EnterSolve, Inc., he has developed and managed customer relationships, as well as managing finances, and human resources. He has 10 years of Finance, Accounting, and gen¬eral business experience with a degree in Business Economics and Accounting.

Management Team

Benjamin Ringold, President and Technical Director
Ben Ringold has over 14 years of experience as a software developer and computer programmer. His programming skills have helped develop infrastructure and applications for many corporate and non-profit clients. The concept for Sleuth emerged from his imagination, and created a focus for Hypoware’s efforts. He holds a degree in Computer Science.

Sunny Giron, Business and Marketing Manager
Sunny Giron is a creative writer and community organizer. Her vision and ability to organize people into working communities helped make Sleuth into what it is today. She helped build the Sleuth community and the model upon which future Hypoware virtual communities will be based. She holds a degree in Chinese Language and Literature.